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Meet Abi

Before you choose me to photograph your wedding, here are a few things you must know about me:

I've been married to my boyfriend Ivan, for 9 years.

We have a darling 2 year old named Isla Sofia. You can read all about our journey as first time parents on the blog!

We've had a little black & white shih-tzu named Gino for the past 7 years, and we recently adopted a tiny blonde morkie named Bobbi. 

I am a big animal lover. I love seeing wild animals in their natural environment. One of my best memories is snorkeling alongside whale sharks. It was a terrifying/exciting.

I would classify myself, as a girly girl, who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. I love everything about being outside. I love riding my bike, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, but you best believe, I do all of that with a fresh mani & lipgloss in my back pocket.

I am a shoe kinda girl. Heels & Nikes. Boots & flats. Shoes. Just shoes in general.

Started my fitness journey 6 years ago, I've never looked back! Greatest feeling, when you realize how strong you really are!

My husband & I love to travel! Our dream trip is a tour of Italy. 

I love the beach. I think about moving to an island at least once a day.

Everything & anything wedding related, I'm obsessed with! Yes, I still "Ooo" & "Ahhh" over wedding dresses. I totally believe in the, "this is the one" feeling that comes over you, when you finally find your dream dress. I tried on 42 dresses when I was shopping "for the one" & I drove my mother crazy! 

I'm a big "planner" & "list-maker". My goal for last year was to plan less & be more spontaneous.

I love living right in the middle of the city, but sometimes all I want to do is live on a farm, with a couple of cows.

Also, I've never seen snow. What is up with that!?

Major coffee drinker. Must have my cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. 

I am a self professed foodie. I love everything and anything that has to do with cooking & food. I would love to start a cooking blog one day.

My 3 favorite stores are: Anthropologie, Homegoods & J.Crew. I also really love DSW, Target & Kendra Scott. Nordstrom, Lululemon & Ulta are cool too. :) 

I think family is one of the most important aspects of your life.

I believe in loyalty, honesty & positivity. You receive what you give & I am huge believer of that.